Monday, May 25, 2009

San Diego AAPA Conference

Danielle utilized her continued education fund from work and we traveled to San Diego. She atteneded the largest annual conference for PAs. She earned 23 hours of her required 50 at the conference. Great education. Bret even sat in on two lectures for fun-one about the eye (of course) and the other about Hypertension/Diabetes.

We relaxed in the hotel before we started the big week.

Elleen's brother, Will, took Bret over to Coronado Island to show him the navy base. Bret sat in some tight "Helos."

So great to see your wife after a long travel across the bay!

We enjoy great yogurt, pay by the onunce, create you own toppings. Any want to expand their fanchise to Ohio with me? 

US. Midway aircraft carrier docked in the San Diego Bay. Now a historical museum. We did not go on board, but took pictures right next to the ship.

We went down to the "GasLamp Quarter" to eat dinner one night. A ton of fun. Lots of people and lots of restaurants. It is right next to the convention center and Petco Park

 Danielle getting ready to start her first session at the conference.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nicole and Adam's New Landscaping

2170 Ridgecliff
is becoming the coolest house on the block. These two put a great deal of time and effort
into doing new projects. This summer, they landscaped quite a bit and put in a sliding patio door onto the back of their house, along with a wooden staircase.

It would only be days until those stairs would lead to a beautiful
white sliding patio door. Good work! This brick deck is also a new addition. Very creative!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jack 9 m/o and Kyle's Baseball Game Greensburg

He is such a well mannered baby. He goes to anyone and is always
self-entertained. He's a joy of a cousin.
He LOVED Bret!! And I think Jack looks like Uncle Mark here.

Momma and her Momma at the ball park

Visiting Greensburg to watch Kyle's baseball game
And Quelly in town to speak about WP to schools
Love it

Me and my Momma

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

We had the privilege of spending time with Bret's mother this Mother's Day at the campsite at Pleasant Hill lake, where she and Jack spend most of their time from late spring to early fall. Their site is AMAZING! They have landscaped the area and are definetly the envy of every other site at the lake. Jack is a grill-man-extraordinaire.

Notice the leveled ground with gravel brought in, lovely outdoor furniture, firepit, and stragetically stacked wood.
A full view of the site - all the work of their own 2 hands (well...4 hands)

The camper

Then we were able to see Mary and Grandma Lehman for the evening.
And Jennifer was in from Texas for mother's day. Katie and Jenn got Mary a Crackel Barrel wooden rocker and this nice blanket to go with it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ann Singer and Artie Clark's Wedding!

Congratulations Ann and Artie! Long time coming but it was worth it. Ann and I met on our OB/GYN rotation December 2008 and have been running together weekly nearly ever since. She's great! Artie is one lucky man. The wedding was in Granville, Ohio which was like a little "Pleasantville". Very quaint and friendly. Thanks for inviting us!

The beautiful catholic church, St. Edward

We got to drive by the enormous Longaberger basket, which is an office building for the headquarters. Their reception was at the Longaberger Country Club.

The beautiful country club

So pretty, so hansome

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon

This was our first Cincinnati Flying Pig HILLY half marathon. We ran with Nicole and Adam and had a great time. Perfect running weather - cool and overcast. Shout out to Kelly Williams who ran the FULL marathon. Mile 8 was relief seeing the Larsons and Vishnauskis cheering with a big sign - THANKS you guys.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Eileen's Baby Shower in Indy

Yay for Eileen! She and Jared are expecting their first baby in mid-October. They are not finding out the gender of their little one. Pray for them as they explore options of home birth. Since they live in Costa Rica as missionaries, we had the shower they were home in May. Congrats to the Cantrells!

First of the Nomads preparing for motherhood!

Loved this blanket!

High school friends - Rachel, Lyndsay, Claire, Whitney, Nicole, Danielle

Opening LOTS of gifts :)