Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthdays in Indy!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Donnie (Mom's bro), Nicole and Danielle (26!), Adam (25), Ryan (17), and Kaleb (14)! This is the quarterly birthday gathering, never complete without a DQ Ice Cream cake :) We had a relaxing weekend at home and are blessed to have wonderful family.

Told ya
All the chicks -- Mom, Nicole, Kelsey, Carla, Danielle, and Grandma
Brothas - Kyle and Kaleb
Grandpa holding Jack - babies are good therapy for the soul
Uncle Mike, Papaw, and Daddy Mark loooove you

Mommy Jamie looooves you

Cousin Nicole and Adam loooove you

Bret and cousin Danielle looove you
Dad LOOOVES the babies.
It's kind of his specialty :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Danielle's 26th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Danielle!! February 24th 2009!
Danielle and I planned for a day off of work
to celebrate Danielle's, and of course my, favorite day of the year.

We started the day off with a run in Upper Arlington. Sorry, no pictures provided. Danielle ran a 35 minute loop while listening to a sermon series by Mark Driscol on her IPOD. I did a hill workout on some steep inclines in UA.
We then packed up the element and headed for the hills. Yes folks, Bellefountaine OH is home of one of Ohio steepest ski resorts, Mad River Mountain. As you can see Danielle is very excited.
A beautiful day on the slopes. Blue skies, 33 degrees, soft snow, and slopes all to ourselves.

This is the second of two meal stops for us. On the way home from MadRiver, we used gift cards from Patty to eat a quick bite at Applebee's. (Again, no pictures provided). Don't worry, we saved just enough room to scarf down a couple 3/4 pound hamburgers from Thurman's Cafe in German Village.

And what better company to celebrate the famous twin's birthday than nother than Adam and Nicole Yunker. By the way, D and N split a burger and fries. Adam and I both polished off a whole burger individually and packed down a plate of fries! After a 2 hour wait, what can you expect?

In case we had not eaten enough at this point, we celebrated back at the Yunker's with a cookie cake. My stomach did not recover for a few days after all of this food. But it was worth it.
26 down. We just have to wait one more year for the next celebration!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Indy Feb 15-16

This was a fun weekend! After the Eyeball, I drove to Indy Sunday am since my bro Quelly was in town. We spent time together as a family, and I was able to rendez-vous with many friends.

Monday, Mom, Patty and I went to Noblesville to visit JACK and Jamie, Chaney and Cidney. It's always a pleasure. He is about 5 months old now. And he's rolling over! What a happy baby and a beautiful one. Love that little cuz.

Cold Stone with Whit Gil and Nic

Always a good time :)
An incredibly happy baby boy

Mom and Jack - those cheeks are the BEST!

Chaney, me, Jack and Cidney
Such wonderful and helpful big sistas

Loved the chance to see Julie and Katie - my best friends
from PA school. Julie works in Vascular Surgery now and Katie in General Surgery.
Julie and her husband Scott were in town from Minnesota to visit.
Quel looks EXTRA tall in the picture

Quel and his girlfriend Erica, a senior at Purdue University

Mom, Quelly, and Dad
Proud Parents

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Eyeball

On Valentine's Day, I took Danielle to the Eyeball, a formal dance with the entire optomety school. It was downtown Columbus at the Anthem banquet hall.

My beautiful date and I coordinated with new paisley tie that Danielle picked out from Khols.

The dinner spread: ziti, chicken, salad, green beans, rolls, roasted potatoes.

Our friends: Sarah and Ryan. Sarah is graduating this year in my class.

The Opt IVs! We had a great turn out for half the class being on a distant rotation.