Thursday, January 22, 2009


Skiing is one of our favorite things to do in the winter (and in general :)). Bret and his family taught me how about 5 seasons ago and I really enjoy it. Bret is an expert skiier and fun to watch! We had the opportunity to go to Snow Shoe Mountain in West Virginia with our good friends Todd and Caitlin, and sis/bro Nicole and Adam for a long weekend. It was good company and good skiing! We hope to make it an annual tradition.

When you're caught in a snow storm -the slopes are the best place to be!
Yeah, Bret!

Adam, Todd, and Bret atop Cup Run - a 1.5mile black diamond

Watch out Snow Shoe.....we're rockin' the slopes!

And we're off.....!

Nic/Ad riding the lift

Just outside our condo

Cait and Todd - Todd is actually a former Italian Olympian
in downhill. We were lucky to be in his presence.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Popas are having a .....

Congratulations Bryan and Amanda! They had the neatest party. This is Friday, the day they found out the gender of their new baby in an ultrasound appointment. They hosted a party to reveal the gender. Wear blue if you think it's a boy, pink if you think it's a girl. Bret and I wore blue and we were ...right! Try to watch the video of Bryan telling the story, it's cute. We're so happy for you and pray God will bless you as you go down this journey. Congratulations!

Proud Parents, Bryan & Amanda

We think it's a BOY...

And we think it's a GIRL...


Watch the video to find out! (video to come, technical difficulties :) )

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I love it that I am driving distance from my amazing friends - and we can share in the joy of their developing children. Amanda and I were able to drive to Cinci to see Caitlin, Becca, and Claire (missed you much Kristi!) for an afternoon and lunch. Christian fellowship with women is essential to me. Love you all and we found out Claire is having a GIRL!!!!!! Have to wait a little bit longer to find out what Amanda's will be!

Claire appropriately wearing her PINK shirt for the growing baby and Amanda -
showing off their bellies.

Becca and Annaaaaaaaaaaaabelle!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Visiting Becca in Centerville

Ok,THIS was a fun day! I am blessed to have Mondays off of work. This Monday, I was able to drive to Becca's hometown in Centerville Ohio and spend time with her family and her lovely daughter ANNABELLE! Becca, I always am re-energized by our time together. You are a one of a kind friend. Love you so much.

And if you cannot tell, Anna is the most ADORABLE, good natured 16 month old. I have enjoyed watching her grow up. Probably the first baby I can consciously remember watching grow. It teaches me about how much I have taken for granted and cannot remember my parents doing for me. It also gives me a new perspective of love - seeing both Becca's and Annabelle's for each other. Each love is unique; both are evident.
OK Mom - let's get goin' on that Wii!

Annabelle loves Wii Fit! Particularly the game where soccer balls fly at your
head and you try to bounce them. She giggled and reminded us all of her adorable spirit.

Becca is a role model mother - I'm sure she's willing to give lessons
to anyone who is interested!

Becca won the matching Jersey in our White Elephant
gift exchange - so now we're Laurenitis twins.

This one is for my mother in law Joyce Sparkie - she got me these OSU
sleep pants for Christmas - and she's a big OSU fan.
I slept through the 2nd half of the Fiesta Bowl - apparently I didn't miss much!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Nomads Christmas Gathering 2008-9

Nomads are a neat group of girls - all my best friends from high school, if you're not familiar with the term :) Each year we try to get together for Christmas. This year, Rachel was nice enough to host us at her house in Broadripple. It's really cute!

We painted pottery in Broadripple and made dinner in. Eileen couldn't be with us, so she sent us all up a different colored scarf from Costa Rica, where she is now doing mission work. Thanks Eileen! We always laugh so much - it's something to look forward to!

At the You are the Potter using our creative juices....

Whit did a flower pot for her room in Chicago
Rach did a Boston Red Sox mug for her boyfriend

The spread............

Rachel, Nicole, Gil, Whit

The scarves Eileen sent us from Costa Rica - thanks girl!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day at the Popas

New Years Day! We were blessed to spend the evening with our good friends Bryan and Amanda Popa who also live in Columbus, not far from us. Amanda prepared a pork / sauerkraut traditional meal - it was GOOD, so strong work girl. And they taught us how to play super-euchre. I can't remember the name of it at present, but if interested, ask me at a later date.

The NEAT thing is that Amanda is 16 weeks pregnant with their baby! He or she will arrive in June 2009, Lord willing. We cannot wait to meet the baby. Luckily, Amanda's baby-sickness is breaking and she can enjoy the meal with us. You will be tremendous parents. Congrats Bryan and Amanda! We love you.

Little baby Popa is in there! How neat!!

Thanks for dinner - and love your home by the way.

My dear friend - love you Amanda!

One of the cutest little pugs - Crosby.
Eileen's pugs Godzilla and King are my other favorite pugs!