Monday, January 5, 2009

Visiting Becca in Centerville

Ok,THIS was a fun day! I am blessed to have Mondays off of work. This Monday, I was able to drive to Becca's hometown in Centerville Ohio and spend time with her family and her lovely daughter ANNABELLE! Becca, I always am re-energized by our time together. You are a one of a kind friend. Love you so much.

And if you cannot tell, Anna is the most ADORABLE, good natured 16 month old. I have enjoyed watching her grow up. Probably the first baby I can consciously remember watching grow. It teaches me about how much I have taken for granted and cannot remember my parents doing for me. It also gives me a new perspective of love - seeing both Becca's and Annabelle's for each other. Each love is unique; both are evident.
OK Mom - let's get goin' on that Wii!

Annabelle loves Wii Fit! Particularly the game where soccer balls fly at your
head and you try to bounce them. She giggled and reminded us all of her adorable spirit.

Becca is a role model mother - I'm sure she's willing to give lessons
to anyone who is interested!

Becca won the matching Jersey in our White Elephant
gift exchange - so now we're Laurenitis twins.

This one is for my mother in law Joyce Sparkie - she got me these OSU
sleep pants for Christmas - and she's a big OSU fan.
I slept through the 2nd half of the Fiesta Bowl - apparently I didn't miss much!

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