Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ann's Bachelorette Party

Ann Singer is becoming a great friend of mine. She and I met at St. Ann's Hospital last year; we were both on our OB/GYN rotation. She is a medical student - actually she will be graduating OSU medical school the same day Bret graduates OSU Optometry school. We run together once a week and her wedding is coming up May 9. We celebrated with a big group of her friends at Buca di Beppo! Congrats Ann!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amanda's Baby Shower for Brooks

We threw Amanda a baby shower for Brooks at Caitlin's parents' house in UA. It was SO MUCH FUN. Brooks seems to be growing into a big healthy boy - so Amanda is growing. Brooks is due mid June. We're praying for his entry into the world, his life, and his parents.
Everyone at the Baby Shower - we had a good crowd!
Very special ladies
The food
Kristi is becoming a pro at fruit pizzas.

Brooks' books stash accumulated exponentially!

Amanda, Brooks, and me - Can't wait to meet you little boy!

Caitlin was game master.

12 Feet Inn reunites!
Crazy how we're all together at last!

Becca became famous for her Apple Salad :)

Kelly used her professional inscription writing for the labels.

Claire and Margot helped with the edible arrangement.

Just waiting on the guest(s) of honor to arrive......

Amanda with all her gifts!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boston with Becca

Becca and I were able to drive 13 hrs (15 hrs for her, because she came to pick me up in Columbus) to Boston. We went to see her sister Karen, who is a senior at Gordon College, approximately one hour north of the city. It was an incredible trip - safe car ride with good conversation. Karen and her friend Lisa took us into the city - which was neat since it was the weekend of the Boston Marathon. I got to check off state # 16 from my "Run USA" goal (to run in all 50 states), with a beautiful run through New England forests and by a lake. We went to Karen's church, the coast, and more. Then Becca and I were the "special guest speakers" at her friend's bridal shower - apparently the experts on marriage and all it entails. Rather interesting :) Then........we got to go see Quelly at West Point!!!! We watching him do the Lunch Formation and then ate with him. Very fun trip.
Becca, Karen, and me at Singing Beach

Rockport, MA - how pretty!

Cape Cod houses EVERYwhere. Nicole would like that!

Lisa, Becca, and Karen - eating our food just outside a neat market with probably 30+
different kinds of food to choose.

Break Dancers - Bret was bummed to have missed these!
But he had his special weekend of rock climbing at the Red River Gorge with a friend.

Becca by Paul Revere's grave - which is in the yard of Park Street Church. This is the church my sister attended when she lived in Boston for a semester. She met her friend Bonnie there.

These tours were walking all across town - the British are coming!

Riding the "T"

This was taken at Karen's church - I really liked it.

On Gordon College's campus - in front of their chapel.
If you look closely 0 you can see Michael's head and eyes only.
4th row back, closest to the wall. He's the MAN.

Marching out onto the field for the impressive formation.
On the Hudson River

D and Quelly at lunch in Thayer Hall
2 chicks after a 30+ hour weekend of driving -
I'd do it again in a snap :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We were able to go to Indianapolis for Easter to celebrate Jesus' miraculous triumph over death - saving us all! Beautiful weather and irreplaceable family time.
Easter Egg Huntin with my Mommy at her Mommy's
Look what we found!

That Bunny can hide em!
Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

Hanging around after Easter Dinner

The Lehmans

The Spears

The Grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa Kramer

The Kramers

Bret, Michael, Erica, Mom at Easter Saturday Dinner

Nicole, Adam, Ryan, Dad at Easter Saturday Dinner

Dad jammin guitar with his son in laws

D, N, M at Jakes Pub
Coloring the eggs, just like the old days :)

All different type of pretty eggs....

Bret and Adam always wash cars when we go home.
5 on 5 basketball with Michael and Ryan's friends - fun for the brothas!