Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amanda's Baby Shower for Brooks

We threw Amanda a baby shower for Brooks at Caitlin's parents' house in UA. It was SO MUCH FUN. Brooks seems to be growing into a big healthy boy - so Amanda is growing. Brooks is due mid June. We're praying for his entry into the world, his life, and his parents.
Everyone at the Baby Shower - we had a good crowd!
Very special ladies
The food
Kristi is becoming a pro at fruit pizzas.

Brooks' books stash accumulated exponentially!

Amanda, Brooks, and me - Can't wait to meet you little boy!

Caitlin was game master.

12 Feet Inn reunites!
Crazy how we're all together at last!

Becca became famous for her Apple Salad :)

Kelly used her professional inscription writing for the labels.

Claire and Margot helped with the edible arrangement.

Just waiting on the guest(s) of honor to arrive......

Amanda with all her gifts!

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