Monday, April 6, 2009

Claire's Baby Shower and a Weekend in Cincinnati

Claire and Tim Helin's little girl Margot is due June 1 and she is growing well! I had a great time in Cincinnati planning Amanda's baby shower, getting to see Annabelle, attending Claire's baby shower, and visiting with my dear friend Christie Roddy. Girls weekends are refreshing!

Spending a little time with my favorite little tot Annabelle!

She is so beautiful and so smart!

Becca is a loving and patient Mom, always accomadating Annabelle's needs.

In this instance, that includes playing Play - Dough :)

This was cute - she's a girl's girl. Wanted to walk in my shoes!

Meeting for breakfast to plan Amanda's shower for sweet baby Brooks.

Welcome home from California Kelly! Woo hoo.

Claire, Margot and Me :)

It's been amazing to watch Claire (with Margot) and Amanda (with Brooks)

grow together. They are due just about 2 weeks apart! Who would have guessed this would happen - they were roommates in our house, 12 Feet Inn, at Miami. Very neat.

Danielle, Amanda, Caitlin, Claire, Kristi, Becca

Love them.

Claire's friend Erica is very good with scrapbooking and started

Margot's baby book for her - look how cute!

We love you Margot!
Visiting with Hot Roddy!!
She's fabulous.

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