Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve 2008-9

NYE, a neat concept - it's never been my favorite holiday, because it involves staying up late (I'm not good at that) and alcohol (which I don't really care for). However, I do promote the idea of creating a Resolution - clearing the slate so to speak.

Bret and I resolved to read one book each month all year. He enjoys reading more than I. This will be a challenging commitment, and I'm personally going to try to stick to the one month set point - rather than reading 2 in Feb to make up for the zero in Jan. So, if I don't pick up my phone in the evenings the last week of every month, you may know why.

Anyhow, NYE was fun this year! We are blessed to have a lovely Bible study of about 20 people who enjoy socializing and learning Christ's love. It's pretty cool. Our friend Cori hosted everyone. We talked, played board games / pool, had a light Martini bar complete with instructions on creating, and blew these bazooka noise makers like crazy from 11:59.31pm - 12:15.00 am. It was fun.

We hope you have a lovely 2009!
This was a neat idea - each cutie clementine had a 2-0-0 or 9 marked on it.
Keep in mind for future parties!

We opted for the black theme for the classy look...(did we suceed??)

Da Yunkas

Such a creative spread - get ideas!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with Jack and Joyce!

We had another great Christmas with Mom and Jack in Mansfield. They were so generous to give us a Nintendo Wii - which has been so much fun to share with others. Jack shared his GOOD cooking with us, he's quite the chef. And Brian and Buddy made the party bigger and more full of life.

Bret, Joyce, Brian and Buddy

Most of out time with Buddy consisted of situations like this....

Or this....

Bret gaming on the Wii. Yes, Mom,we put time restrictions on it.
Have to get our homework done first :)


I guess it's a long story that happened before my time in the family, but Precious has a special meaning. When all the kids get together, it is a PRECIOUS thing. So, this is THE "Precious Picture". 2008

Dianna/Billy, Richie/Jennifer, Bret/Danielle
Brian/Buddy, Dustin (Abby) and Katie

Bret/Danielle, Dianna/Billy, Mary/Dick, Brian/Buddy,
Dustin/Katie (and Abby the dog), Jennifer/Richie

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clearfork Lake in Lexington

Since this was a warm day for December, we got to take Brian's dog Buddy on a trail run / walk around Clearfork Lake (aside: Bret had his senior pictures taken here). It was really neat. Buddy is a good swimmer and a very obedient dog. He follows Brian's every command. He's a Golden Retriever. Has a little mix - maybe Irish Setter.

Brian drove cross country from Colorado in his Element so Buddy could come along. That's one committed dog owner!

The boys - Bret, Dick and Brian
Buddy will fetch anything Brian throws
even if it involves getting wet on a winter day.

The brothas got Dick to rock climb a little big - an upcoming picture
will show you this is actually a ways off the ground.

Enjoying the warm winter day!

We took our turn to get the photo op - although this gives
you more of an idea on the fireplace we were climbing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Lexington, Gift Opening Frenzy

Let the games begin........
And the opening begins and the paper flies and things get a little CRAAA-AAZY.
We had so many gifts this year because everyone was home, and everyone bought for everyone! The more rowdy the better is the rule here!

Brian and Billy in a paper pile in their new reflective vests....

Everyone opening and opening...

Dustin's boarding boots - sweee-eet...

Mary's new puffy vest...

The the mosh-pit begins. Throwing paper or people - whatever you can get your hands on :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Lexington - The Family Reunites!

What fun to have everyone gathered in Lexington this Christmas! We bonded over many games - Mafia, Cranium, Monopoly, Scrabble. And lots of conversation, joking around, and fun. It's neat to have all the kids grown into adults. We really value our time together. Love you all!
Dick and Mary - the Ring Leaders...

Jennifer and her husband Richie live in San Antonio, Texas
And we'll see them this summer down there!

Katie and her husband Dustin live in Lexington, Ohio about 2 minutes from Dick and Mary.
Katie helps out at Aspen Bread and Bagel, which Dick and Mary now own, as the manager.

Billy and his girlfriend Dianna live in Texas, near Austin


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kramers

The annual tradition - to Grandma and Grandpa Kramers on Christmas Day after Santa comes....
This year Santa also brought a stomach virus- maybe he hit Grinch mode for a second,I'm not sure. But he put it in certain innocent people's stockings: Nicole, Adam, and me (Danielle)! Granted, the Christmas spirit helps mask a nauseous tummy - but trust me, we were still down for the count.

Anyhow, CHRIST had a harder sacrifice than we did. He came to this world where stomach viruses can attack, when He could have been in the comforts of Heaven. He saved us!

Grandma Kramer is the big 8-0 on Christmas Eve! You go Grandpa!
And a shout out to Kristi Yoder, who tured 26 that same day!

The Grandkids and their GRANDpa, now 80! I explained, Adam was upstairs on my uncle's old bed with a wastebasket at the time this picture was taken. Don't ask.

Never mind Kyle's shorts - it's a long story that involves a football and a grass stain

White Elephant is a tradition

Grandma received Ryan's hat in the White Elephant gift exchange :)
Doesn't she look like a thuggish Grandma?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Jack Show!!!

Jack David Spears was born on September 18 2008. Here is a precious 2.5 months old on Thanksgiving weekend at the Spears home in Indianapolis.