Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kramers

The annual tradition - to Grandma and Grandpa Kramers on Christmas Day after Santa comes....
This year Santa also brought a stomach virus- maybe he hit Grinch mode for a second,I'm not sure. But he put it in certain innocent people's stockings: Nicole, Adam, and me (Danielle)! Granted, the Christmas spirit helps mask a nauseous tummy - but trust me, we were still down for the count.

Anyhow, CHRIST had a harder sacrifice than we did. He came to this world where stomach viruses can attack, when He could have been in the comforts of Heaven. He saved us!

Grandma Kramer is the big 8-0 on Christmas Eve! You go Grandpa!
And a shout out to Kristi Yoder, who tured 26 that same day!

The Grandkids and their GRANDpa, now 80! I explained, Adam was upstairs on my uncle's old bed with a wastebasket at the time this picture was taken. Don't ask.

Never mind Kyle's shorts - it's a long story that involves a football and a grass stain

White Elephant is a tradition

Grandma received Ryan's hat in the White Elephant gift exchange :)
Doesn't she look like a thuggish Grandma?

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