Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve 2008-9

NYE, a neat concept - it's never been my favorite holiday, because it involves staying up late (I'm not good at that) and alcohol (which I don't really care for). However, I do promote the idea of creating a Resolution - clearing the slate so to speak.

Bret and I resolved to read one book each month all year. He enjoys reading more than I. This will be a challenging commitment, and I'm personally going to try to stick to the one month set point - rather than reading 2 in Feb to make up for the zero in Jan. So, if I don't pick up my phone in the evenings the last week of every month, you may know why.

Anyhow, NYE was fun this year! We are blessed to have a lovely Bible study of about 20 people who enjoy socializing and learning Christ's love. It's pretty cool. Our friend Cori hosted everyone. We talked, played board games / pool, had a light Martini bar complete with instructions on creating, and blew these bazooka noise makers like crazy from 11:59.31pm - 12:15.00 am. It was fun.

We hope you have a lovely 2009!
This was a neat idea - each cutie clementine had a 2-0-0 or 9 marked on it.
Keep in mind for future parties!

We opted for the black theme for the classy look...(did we suceed??)

Da Yunkas

Such a creative spread - get ideas!


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