Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clearfork Lake in Lexington

Since this was a warm day for December, we got to take Brian's dog Buddy on a trail run / walk around Clearfork Lake (aside: Bret had his senior pictures taken here). It was really neat. Buddy is a good swimmer and a very obedient dog. He follows Brian's every command. He's a Golden Retriever. Has a little mix - maybe Irish Setter.

Brian drove cross country from Colorado in his Element so Buddy could come along. That's one committed dog owner!

The boys - Bret, Dick and Brian
Buddy will fetch anything Brian throws
even if it involves getting wet on a winter day.

The brothas got Dick to rock climb a little big - an upcoming picture
will show you this is actually a ways off the ground.

Enjoying the warm winter day!

We took our turn to get the photo op - although this gives
you more of an idea on the fireplace we were climbing.

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