Friday, January 2, 2009

Nomads Christmas Gathering 2008-9

Nomads are a neat group of girls - all my best friends from high school, if you're not familiar with the term :) Each year we try to get together for Christmas. This year, Rachel was nice enough to host us at her house in Broadripple. It's really cute!

We painted pottery in Broadripple and made dinner in. Eileen couldn't be with us, so she sent us all up a different colored scarf from Costa Rica, where she is now doing mission work. Thanks Eileen! We always laugh so much - it's something to look forward to!

At the You are the Potter using our creative juices....

Whit did a flower pot for her room in Chicago
Rach did a Boston Red Sox mug for her boyfriend

The spread............

Rachel, Nicole, Gil, Whit

The scarves Eileen sent us from Costa Rica - thanks girl!

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