Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthdays in Indy!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Donnie (Mom's bro), Nicole and Danielle (26!), Adam (25), Ryan (17), and Kaleb (14)! This is the quarterly birthday gathering, never complete without a DQ Ice Cream cake :) We had a relaxing weekend at home and are blessed to have wonderful family.

Told ya
All the chicks -- Mom, Nicole, Kelsey, Carla, Danielle, and Grandma
Brothas - Kyle and Kaleb
Grandpa holding Jack - babies are good therapy for the soul
Uncle Mike, Papaw, and Daddy Mark loooove you

Mommy Jamie looooves you

Cousin Nicole and Adam loooove you

Bret and cousin Danielle looove you
Dad LOOOVES the babies.
It's kind of his specialty :)

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