Monday, May 25, 2009

San Diego AAPA Conference

Danielle utilized her continued education fund from work and we traveled to San Diego. She atteneded the largest annual conference for PAs. She earned 23 hours of her required 50 at the conference. Great education. Bret even sat in on two lectures for fun-one about the eye (of course) and the other about Hypertension/Diabetes.

We relaxed in the hotel before we started the big week.

Elleen's brother, Will, took Bret over to Coronado Island to show him the navy base. Bret sat in some tight "Helos."

So great to see your wife after a long travel across the bay!

We enjoy great yogurt, pay by the onunce, create you own toppings. Any want to expand their fanchise to Ohio with me? 

US. Midway aircraft carrier docked in the San Diego Bay. Now a historical museum. We did not go on board, but took pictures right next to the ship.

We went down to the "GasLamp Quarter" to eat dinner one night. A ton of fun. Lots of people and lots of restaurants. It is right next to the convention center and Petco Park

 Danielle getting ready to start her first session at the conference.

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