Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Festivities!

We had a FUN 4th weekend this year - with extended festivities. The Yunkers had a grill out, we biked down to Red White Boom, and the Vishnauskis threw a wonderful party as well! Our freedom is really taking on a new meaning as we start our Army time. Praise God for our nation.

Becca/Annabelle, Claire/Margot, Kristi, Danielle, Caitlin

Little Margot is only about one month old! She is precious.
UA Parade! woooooooooo

Always a crowd pleaser...

Enjoying the Arrrrrrrlington folks.

Dress festive or bust!

We love the Yunkers!!!

Love the Vishnauskis!

This pictures cracks me up - Gotta get the silver platter down somehow!

Becca, Cait, D, Kristi

The biker mob! Overtaking UA!

SUPER fun downtown Columbus!

RAchel, Nicole, D

Amanda, Brooks, D - only a couple weeks old!!!!

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